World Sight Map

I had an idea of producing the world map artwork after photographing the FFA image below.I thought it would be interesting to create a map of the world similar to the way the FFA highlighted the remaining island of retina. This proved to be a more of a challenging than I had anticipated as the only way to create the hyper-florescent edges was to construct it by hand following the outline of each continent. I originally thought of using individual retinas for each country with the most prevalent pathology. This looked too hectic so I overlaid an Optomap wide field FFA to give the impression the whole area shown is from a single eye.Untitled-5.jpg

Once the artwork was completed I researched the causes of global sight loss and included the data to highlight this issue.

Jonathan Brett ART

This artwork won seventh place in the 2016 vision-research picture competition. To see the other winning entries please click here.