Website design

I was asked to create and maintain a website for the department i work in – Eye Research Group Oxford. This was created to give the department an online presence and inform both patients and staff on the clinical trials that are ongoing. It was my intention to produce a simple, clear design that was easy to navigate.

One of our ongoing studies created a high level of interest due to the coverage in the media which i thought would benefit from a dedicated website. The PRESSOP device is a new spectacle mounted device which is designed by clinicians to help individuals with Blepharospasm.  After it featured in a publication we received global interest with people requesting more information about the product and where to purchase it.

I have been working with the Pitts River Museum to create an online gallery of my drawings which feature artefacts from the museums collection. This collection of drawings originally started with a few sketches and is now close to 100 drawings. I have created a series of postcards which are for sale in the gift shop at the museum and am hoping to exhibit the collection later on in the year.