Stereoscopic imaging is a technique used to record depth in the image. It is possible to produce a 3D effect by taking a single photograph and laterally moving the camera a small amount before taking another image.


While researching stereo photography I discovered the Stereoscopic Atlas of Macular Diseases which uses 15 colour Viewmaster reels with 105 stereoscopic photographs.  I was interested in using this technology as a way of presenting pathology that benefited from stereo photography. Instead of using a pair of traditional fundus photographs as with the Stereoscopic Atlas I thought combining the latest scanning technology with the Viewmaster technology would created an interesting contrast.

By scanning the maximum area of the retina of a pathology and viewing the OCT’s in 3D mode then replicating the lateral movement by rotating the image I was able to achieve a convincing stereo effect.

I then contacted image3d who produced the Viewmaster disc.