Ishihara Retina Artwork

I was approached by the director of the Oxford Photography festival to curate one of the exhibitions (Photography and healing) and produce an original piece of artwork. Because my background is in ophthalmic photography I wanted to include fundus photography to illustrate how imaging assists in the treatment and management of patients with different ophthalmic disorders. I wanted to produce something that was visually interesting and felt that by presenting a group of retinal photographs reflected the different ophthalmic disorders that requires imaging.


I was originally inspired by the layout of Damien Hurst’s spot paintings and thought that this format could be a good way to present the images. While using an ishihara colour vision chart i had the idea of replacing the coloured dots with retinal photographs which tied in with the ophthalmic theme. The framing and installation was also a challenge as i wanted to continue the ophthalmic theme. I acquired a logMAR chart, which is used to check visual acuity, and found a local printer that would transfer the artwork on to a thick piece of acrylic so the artwork would be illuminated from behind.


The exhibition also features some very powerful photographs from Angelo Merendino (please check out his website), images by Wendy Sack and paintings from local artist Adam Hahn which are based on the visual experiences of people with age related macular degeneration.

This artwork was submitted to the Royal Photographic Society’s International Images for Science competition and out of the 3500 submissions it was selected to be included in final 100 images that make up the touring exhibition and was also awarded the silver medal.

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